Forget BBC telly hit Blue Planet II, which features whales this weekend. Paul said while remembering his experience of a lifetime. Nowadays the Earth seems to be completely conquered by homo sapiens. While we still get least opportunities to interact with our friendly neighbors in the deep blue sea, this is a great chance to know one of the white beauties from underwater closely. We’ll take you on a journey of Paul who thought it would be just another day of his vacations but something unusual was waiting for him that was about to fill his ordinary-looking day with not just one but a bundle of best memories. If you are a lover of wildlife and big sea creatures amaze you then this is for your interest as the video of the incident we are about to tell you is on the way while you go through this article. Not just that we’ve got an add-on video for you to know more about their fan following!

At The Hudson Bay

‘You don’t teach respect for nature when you lock it up and treat it like a glorified lava lamp.’ A famous saying among wildlife admirers these days is taken seriously in Churchill. It’s a small town in northern Manitoba, Canada on the west coast of Hudson Bay. Also known as ‘The Polar Bear Capital Of The World,’ it earned fame in the last few decades for its journeys close to the white bears and snorkeling with the beluga whales. It’s a home to various migratory birds. People who don’t want to pass the opportunity of seeing these tundra creatures in their natural environment visit Churchill from around the globe. Not to miss on the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, another best part of the city which is a must watch during nights. What else could be better than spending nights in an igloo with various colors in the sky?

The Scottish Journalist

While we are just imagining it, Paul had his plan set for action including hiking, kayaking and much more. Paul English lives in Glasgow, Scotland. The young guy works as a freelance journalist and broadcaster. He is a nature enthusiast and plans to spend his vacations always in the places filled with scenic beauty, leisure comes later for Paul. So, Canada was sure on his list as the country is famous for its wildlife, widespread woods, and enormous lakes. A trip to Canada and everything was exactly as he thought of it. He already had enough memories but staying in Manitoba, Churchill was about to give him unexplainable moments.

A Tour Guide’s Advice

Paul English was on his kayaking trip when he heard of a tour guide who could meet whales. And that’s exactly what he was there for, being a tourist even he wanted to see the huge aquatic creatures. But meeting them! that was a whole different thing. Paul says in an interview, As I kayaked, a tour guide at Lazy Bear Expeditions, in the tiny industrial town famed as the country’s polar bear capital, told me to sing and make high-pitched sounds to attract the whales as we kayaked in the Churchill River.

Objective Behind Kayaking

So, now there was a reason behind kayaking, previously, Paul was doing it just to have fun like other tourists now he was excited about meeting the great whales family. However, that idea itself is scary, the whales are not man-eaters but they’re too big for humans. Yes, whales won’t harm you intentionally but their huge size and numbers may bring you into trouble. Was it safe for Paul to think on tour guide’s advice seriously?


Kayaks are small and narrow watercraft which moves across the water with the use of a double-bladed paddle. Thinking of which makes us wonder how tiny a man on his kayak looks when he’ll face one of the biggest mammals on Earth. The tour guide warned him, They said the whales were inquisitive. They warned they might get close to the kayak. Hence, what was in Paul’s mind even we don’t know, was he about to get on his kayak? And was he actually thinking to sing to the sea? Even after the warnings!

Go Pro Ready

Besides all the facts, Paul decided to hit the sea, he wasn’t going to miss an opportunity like that for sure. Just having one thought in his mind if these marine mammals were waiting for him underneath. Though he just had his GoPro camera strapped around his head which was enough to film the next moments.