Everyone who has a pet treats them like they are a part of their family. But they also know that the behavior of a pet can get really confusing at times. You feel like you know your pet and understand them, but do you?

Sadie and Bella, two Labradors, have the most caring owner they could’ve ever wished for. Maureen Hatcher is a 62-year-old woman who has given all her life to the Labradors and considers them her children.

But when she sees what her dogs are up to against her, she is left speechless.

The Neighborhood

St. Johns, Jacksonville is a quiet suburb in Florida and all the neighbors know each other since it’s a very small place. The crime rates have been really low in the area and therefore nobody has ever been scared about anything, they always felt safe.

Sadie And Bella

Sadie and Bella were two Labradors who were famous around the neighborhood. They were everyone’s favorite and were loved by all. However, things are not always as they seem to be. The cute Labradors were going to do something that would scare the neighbors to the core. 

Maureen Hatcher

Maureen had taken care of the Labradors since they were little, and has loved them unconditionally. Hatcher is 62-year-old and lives with her grandson Tyler. But on the day of this incident, Miss Hatcher was alone at home, and everything was going to change. 

Usual Day

It was a normal day, and Hatcher was going about her daily routine. She had fed breakfast to Sadie and Bella and was preparing her own breakfast before going to take a shower, till the water could get warm for a perfect bath. She was not aware of what was going to happen next. 

Alexandria Naspolini

Alexandria lived right next to Maureen, and had decided to do something different that morning. She wanted to take a break from her morning schedule and sip coffee while enjoying the view of her garden. That is when she noticed something strange. 


On the other hand, right after Maureen went in for her bath, her camera captured something ominous, that was very strange. It seemed like the day was a menacing day, where unusual and weird things were happening around the neighborhood.