Rob Edwards is a middle-aged man with a great life and an amazing family. The man loves his family and can go to any extent to keep them safe and happy. He was a perfect companion for his wife and an idol for his son. Cole, his eldest son had completed his graduation and was going to celebrate his graduation day. Just like any other father,  Rob was very proud and happy. He too was going to accompany his son in his graduation ceremony but before that, he had to visit a bank to do some transactions. It is there the man experiences something that teaches him a new lesson in life. There he meets a woman who leaves him an envelope while exiting. Well, the real surprise comes when he opens the envelope. The content inside the envelope makes Rob dash through the door and look desperately for the woman.

The Beginning

The man was waiting for the teller to do the transaction when he got his attention caught by the envelope. It was sitting in the corner. He took it in his arm and looked behind if anyone knew what is it. The envelope was left by a woman for him. He tore it up to find something unexpected inside. 

Rob Edwards

Rob Edwards lives in Florida with his family. He is living a blissful life and considers himself lucky for having such a great family. His family has always supported him in his hard times and the man too had a lot of dreams for his growing kids. But soon something unexpected happened.

Perfect Day

The day was perfect. Everything seemed to be in order. Rob Edwards was savoring every moment of it. This all seemed like a dream. The weather was pleasant just like life. Rob ate his breakfast with his wife. The couple had just celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary. 


It wasn’t an ordinary day. The day marked Cole’s graduation ceremony. Cole is 18 years old and was very excited about his graduation day. As he was first to get graduation in his family in this generation, the day meant a lot for his parents.  

Graduation Day

Cole is Rob’s eldest son and has just passed his high school. The family was all set for the graduation ceremony. Cole had been waiting for that day for too long but that doesn’t mean it was less important for Rob. The man had given everything he could to make his kid’s life easy. His children meant the world to him. Rob had no idea the day he was waiting for was going to be unexpectedly different for him. 

Running Errands

Rob got up early that day. He had a lot of work to do. To begin with, he made a visit to the bank. He drove with a singing heart. He stopped at the building and started searching for a parking space. Well, he had not expected but the bank was comparatively busy that day. The long queue was not going to put a damper on his spirit.