Who knew that a usual task of mending damaged roads would lead to a gigantic discovery. Cambridge witnessed an unprecedented sight when A14 project worth £1.5billion with the aim of expanding the motorway was put in exercise. The workers were doing their regular work of excavating the road for expansion when something enormous emerged to the surface.

The Beginning

The constructions works on roads can lead to delays stretching up to many hours. The people of Cambridgeshire were facing this delay for many days now. But there was nothing they could do about it as the roadwork was a much-needed thing. The highway was in a tragic condition and needed to be fixed as soon as possible.


People had been making complaints about the damaged road for a long time now. It had troubled many people going to work or anywhere else. Now as the process had kickstarted it was going to take many days to get completed. However, nobody had even imagined that the workers would have to stop the work abruptly. 

Fixing A Problem

The project was not only time-consuming but expensive as well. The deadline was 2020. But they had to stop the construction work in the middle due to a discovery that the workers had made accidentally. Once again, the citizens would have to wait for smooth and hassle-free roads not because of the authority’s fault but because of a glimpse from the past that shook everyone who saw it.         

The Cambridge Motorway

Construction workers were entrusted with the job of extending the road to resolve the traffic issues. The motorway is one of the busiest roads in the city as the road links many other busy locations of the Cambridgeshire. So when they decided to halt the work altogether, it did generate rage among the people. But soon it quieted down when they learned the reason.

A Long Project

Did you know the budget of this project was $1.9 billion? Well, the amount itself describes the significance of the construction. The workers were digging the road for expansion when their shovel hit a hard object. Initially, they thought it to be a big rock or any other insignificant thing. The construction workers usually come across a similar situation. They knew how exactly to tackle this.    

Hard Work

The worker whose tools hit the object did not take it seriously and went on striking the object until the last coating of the dirt got unlayered. It was a giant white colored thing and was hard in form and enormous in size. He just had uncovered the tip of the mystery. It was a deep-rooted mystery that they were about to unveil. The astounding discovery by these construction workers mesmerized the entire world and added a new chapter to the history.