Seeking a job in a distant country can be challenging. Thanks to the rising job vacancies in Canada, job hunting seems like an achievable dream. However, this does not mean that applying for these job vacancies is easy. If you don’t know where to start, finding the right job can be a tedious process. This article will guide you on the highest in-demand fields that provide job vacancies in Canada.

High Demand Job Vacancies In Canada

If you are going to be working in a different country, you don’t want to apply for just any job. You want a career that is popular and high in demand so that you have great potential for high income as well as job security. So here is a compilation of all the popular careers that offer job vacancies in Canada:

Nurse Practitioner

There is one major reason behind why nursing tops the list of most popular job vacancies in Canada. The majority of the population in Canada is aging. And it is a given that usually senior and elderly people need more medical care than younger people. As a result, there is a high demand for nurses. Nurse practitioners can be found in hospitals, community clinics, elderly homes, etc. 

College Instructor

Working as an instructor at colleges is another one of the more popular job vacancies in Canada. College and Vocational trainers or instructors work at public and private institutions. These institutions provide academic, technical as well as vocational programs. So you can teach anything from criminal justice to design to culinary arts. 

Business Consultant

With the growth in the global market, it is crucial for businesses to be on top of their game. They have to be productive, lean and flexible. For this purpose, businesses hire consultants who can help them in making vital decisions. Therefore, job vacancies for Business Consultants are highly popular in Canada. Business Consultants profit highly from having degrees in technology or travel and tourism. But these decisions vary depending on the specialization they want to work in. 

Veterinary Assistant

Canadians tend to care for their pets more than anything else. They are willing to spend whatever it takes to ensure their furry friends are healthy. The people working in the animal healthcare workforce are limited in numbers but the requirement in this field is high. As a result, there are a bunch of Veterinary Assistant job vacancies in Canada.

Truck Driver

The economy of Canada relies heavily on truck drivers. Truck drivers help in transporting commercial goods from coast to coast. In some remote areas, residents are dependent on truck drivers to bring the necessities for their households. However, the rate of people joining this field is quite slow as compared to people retiring from this job. As a result, job vacancies for truck drivers are high in Canada. 

This was a precise list of options but the truth is that there is a long list of job vacancies in Canada. But the question remains, how to apply for these vacancies? Here is a quick five-step guide to help you in getting started.

  • Update your CV: Remember to update your CV before sending it in. 
  • Choose companies you want to apply at: Do not apply for every job that comes your way. Make a pick and apply for the ones that are suitable for you.
  • Start networking: Networking is a great way to help you in getting noticed by professionals in your field.
  • Follow up on your job applications: Do not forget to take a follow up on all the applications you send out.
  • Remember to get your qualifications accredited: Getting accredited is necessary when you come to Canada if you earned your qualifications in a different country.