Ozzy, an ordinary Pitbull dog was obsessed with something unbelievable. Despite belonging to Pitbull breed, he had a warm heart and friendly nature. Though he managed to charm everyone with his affableness, there was someone who still doubted his friendly approach. And sadly, it was the one who the dog desperately wanted to befriend. He did his best to gain the trust of that individual but the indifference shown on its part broke Ozzy’s heart completely. And when the dog was all disheartened, something miraculous happened that changed his life completely. It was to see if the change in circumstances would change the mind of that special individual or not. Do read story till the end and see your perception about the dogs and cats changing. Trust me after reaching the end of the story you would not be able to resist but share this amazing story with your amazing friends.


The Lajeniss family based in Southern California fell in love with Ozzy a Pitbull, at the very first sight. They liked him so much that they brought him into their house that already had a cat named Norm. The other member of the family included three kids and two adults. The family was apparently very happy with having Ozzy as a member. Though the Lajeniss loved the dog, they still were not sure how Ozzy was going to react to the new environment. And as we all know Pitbull bears a very wrong image when it comes to getting along with new people. And in this case, there was also a cat in the scene.

Will He Get Along?

In contrast to all the presumptions, Ozzy was a complete sweetheart! He won everyone’s heart right from the moment he stepped into the house. Soon, he became the adorable obedient son of Lajeniss’ and the best buddy of Lajeniss’ youngest son. The dog was full of love and would shower his love on anyone coming across him. But it is not always that you get that love back. That is what happened to Ozzy who was going to have a big surprise in near future. 

The Sweet Natured Dog

The family was all in love with the dog and why would they not. He was such a sweetheart. Jennifer Lajeniss explains the sweet nature of the dog by giving an example. She says if any day someone would try to break into their house “Ozzy would offer to hold their flashlight, ask them about their day and show them right to the TV set.” It was his affectionate behavior that endeared him to the people. Whereas everyone else was in love with Ozzy, the dog was captivated by toddlers. He loved children and wanted them to be around him all the time. Along with toddlers, he had a deep affection for something very strange!  

Special Feeling For Someone

Ozzy was highly affectionate to the small kids. He adored kids so much that he would run up to every toddler he sees and would want to kiss them. He would stick his head out and say “hi” whenever notices a kid passing by. That is the reason why he had such a strong bond with Lajeniss’ youngest son who was very small in age. Though the dog had made an impressive impression on every member of the family with his affection, there was someone who was yet to accept him completely. And it was going to be nothing less than a big challenge for Ozzy to win his approval!

Meeting Him

You would have never met a dog so friendly as Ozzy. Not just humans, he loved the company of other animals too. For him, every animal he met had the potential of being his best friend. So, when he saw Norm, the old cat he got very excited and began displaying his affection towards him. The dog did everything he could to make that cat his friend. He would follow him everywhere and would always show his love to him. The cat, on the other hand, had his own reservations about the dog.

Not Everyone Was Happy

Not everyone liked the dog, there was a member of the family who dissed him. And the member who was yet to approve of the dog was Norm, the family cat. Strangely, the dog was affectionate to the cat since the time he met him but the cat did never reciprocate to Ozzy’s fondness. No matter how hard Ozzy would try to win the old cat’s friendship, Norm would remain unfazed. ‘the grumpy old man just tells him to fluff off,’ said Jennifer Lajeniss, the human mother of the dog. You would be amazed to know the extent the dog went to win friendship with the cat.