NGOs are Non-Governmental Organizations that function as a non-profit making, voluntary, service-oriented organization. NGOs work for the benefit of society in general, targetting a cause in particular. India’s capital New Delhi is widely known for its NGOs and the work they do. NGOs cover a variety of areas, such as natural resources, finance, human settlements, social development, culture, education, etc. As a result, there is a wide variety of NGO jobs in Delhi as well. 

Working in the development sector is a great option for people around the world. This sector has evolved significantly over the past two decades. The organizations have become more comprehensive, cultured and more professional. Working for an NGO provides an opportunity to make a difference, by supporting others in need as well as in creating a positive change in the communities around the world.

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NGO Jobs In Delhi

Working in an NGO is a dream for those who wish to bring a change to this world. However, getting a job at an NGO is not as easy as many people might think. Contrary to popular belief, NGOs have become highly specialized and business-oriented. They target a particular cause and seek people who are a perfect fit for the same. For instance, NGOs working for women’s issues will most likely prefer to hire a specialist, maybe a Gynecologist to give better medical care to women. 

Similarly, NGOs operating on subjects related to international issues would prefer postgraduates in international relations. While NGOs dealing with issues of industrial workers will prefer postgraduates in industrial worker’s laws. Conclusively, NGOs only pick people who have relevant qualifications. 

Typically, a post-graduation degree in Social Work is preferable for most candidates. However, for a more targeted NGO, a post-graduation degree in the related field which is close to the NGOs’ target area is preferable. 

Some of the most popular organizations that provide NGO jobs in Delhi are:

Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation was commenced in the year 2002 to bring a positive change in the lives of underprivileged children, families, as well as communities. This foundation works to give a sustainable life for those in need and ensures that they get a protected and happy atmosphere.


Goonj was started to represent a voice in an effort to strengthen rural volunteerism. This organization takes old re-usable materials and converts them into valuable resources for the upliftment of rural areas. It has gained a lot of appreciation for building a coextending economy with old materials as a worthy source.

Helpage India

Helpage India is one of the leading organizations that provide support to the abandoned and left behind elderly people in India. This NGO provides homely surroundings for those senior citizens who were forgotten by their own families as well as societies.

CARE India

CARE India is an organization that focuses on women and young girls who are affected by poverty as well as discrimination. They help those who endure abuse and face a violation of their rights. This organization has been working for more than 60 years and since then has been focusing on demolishing poverty as well as social injustice.


Deepalaya is an organization that aims to create a society that is based on authentic rights, equity, justice, honesty, social sensitivity, etc. They are dedicated to working on issues affecting the urban and rural poor while being particularly focussed on women as well as children. 

Skills Required for NGO Jobs

  • Dedication for your chosen charitable cause
  • Team-work as well as great interpersonal skills
  • Excellent verbal as well as written skills
  • Strong administrative and organizational skills
  • Advanced commercial awareness
  • Highly flexible and pro-active

What most people are still unaware of is that NGOs have a strongly corporatized structure where there are various levels of hierarchy. At an entry-level, a candidate commences as a Research Fellow which mainly depends upon their qualifications. From there they can climb up the hierarchy and become a group leader and eventually a team leader. Moreover, many professionals also join NGOs at a later stage of their lives as goodwill ambassadors or advisors. There is no maximum age limit to joining an NGO. 

Ultimately, finding a job at an NGO is similar to finding a job in any other field. Once you have figured out which NGO you want to join, it doesn’t matter what your experience is. As long as you have the passion to help those in need you will be able to find your place at the right organization.