We all know what an ordeal it can be for a parent if their child goes missing. Unfortunately, a family living in Blount County, Tennessee had this unpleasant experience when their boy Kaydon Leach vanished from the home on 23rd, April 2018 at 6 p.m, more or less. They started to feel despondent and presumed the worst consequences. The whole community of the Blount County was compassionate and came to their rescue aiding the search troops find Kaydon. They left no stone unturned in their search, and when the 22-hour search operation ended, everyone was electrified by what they witnessed, as Kaydon had company.

An Innocent Kid

Kaydon Leach, a playful and friendly 6-year-old, loved spending his time outdoors and happened to be a mischievous kid, much like any other kid of his age group. Born and raised in a small community known as “Top of The world”, in Blount County, Tennessee, his parents were protective of him but they would let him play outside unless he didn’t roam too far from his place.

Animal Lover

Kaydon Leach and His Cat

One of Kaydon’s favorite pastime involved playing with animals. He had a soft corner in his heart for pet animals and loved playing with his adorable dog whom he called Chula. Chula was a Black and White Terrier dog, and Kaydon would usually spend his evenings playing with Chula outdoors. He would always make it back home in time, but one evening it didn’t happen to be the case.

A Normal Evening

Kaydon Leach

On the evening of Monday, 23rd April 2018, Kaydon’s parents were expecting him to be back home until 6 p.m like always, but their worries grew as it didn’t happen so. Initially, they thought that Kaydon would be somewhere near their home but when the clock ticked away and no sign of Kaydon appeared they eventually decided to call James Lee Berrong, the Blount County sheriff.

Worst Case Scenario

Protecting one’s child is a natural trait associated with parenting. A parent would go to any limit to make sure their kid is safe and secure. There’s no denying that missing one’s kid is a dreadful experience, with passing time, a parent starts thinking about the worst future outcome. Every passing minute adds up to their worry and they are willing to give away everything to have their kid back home.


Kaydon Leach’s parents were stuck in a similar situation as their 6-year-old suddenly vanished on an evening of April 2018.  They were unable to figure how he disappeared and where could he possibly be. It was completely unforeseen as Kaydon was aware of his curfew and he would always make it back home in time.

Hard And Fast

Top of the World Community

The sun was about to set and it was getting cold outside, Kaydon’s parents were tensed for the poor boy as he didn’t have any warm clothes on. Going by the rules one must wait for 24 hours before reporting a missing person, but that didn’t imply on a 6-year-old missing in a small community. There was not much time left to sit around and waste. The Sheriff immediately filed a report and released an alert for Kaydon.