The Sketch

Missing Child Alert

The Tennessee Bureau started their investigation within an hour by releasing an alert at 7 p.m. The alert contained Kaydon’s description that was reported by the Sheriff asking the community to aid find the kid. Kaydon’s parents described him as 4 feet tall, weighing around 27 kg (60 pounds), having blue eyes and brown hair. They also gave a description of what he was wearing the last time. He had gray sweatpants, and a black T-shirt on.

Search Operation

Blackhawk Army Helicopter

When releasing an alert couldn’t help much, The sheriff launched a large-scale rescue mission. An army helicopter was recruited to patrol over the woods and search for Kaydon. In addition to it, a ground operation was also conducted with a 100 volunteers covering 2000 acres of mountainous area.

A Strategic Plan

Rescue and Search Teams

Numerous ground forces were appointed to search the area that included Blount Country Sheriff’s department, the local fire department, the search and rescue team of Blount country, the TBI and the FBI. All the troops banded together to find Kaydon as soon as possible. The spokesperson stated that the teams won’t rest until they find Kaydon.

Helping Hands

Search and Rescue Volunteers

The local community also offered a hand when they go to know about the whole thing, They couldn’t just sit keeping hands in hands while there was a child out there, struggling for his life. An IPAWS message was broadcasted by the community’s emergency services, just a couple of hours after the incident to aware everyone about the situation and to update them with time.

The Power of Smartphone Apps

Next Door Application

Every possible way that could get them close to Kaydon was being utilized, in addition to the IPAWS message, an application named next door was used to circulate the messages. Next door is a platform that provides neighborhoods with their own private social network. Although some individuals were unable to help directly, they did make sure they were part of the process.


The Top of The World community made collective efforts to find Kaydon. For instance, a local volunteer got a phone call regarding Kaydon’s disappearance when he was coming back from work, he headed straight up to the mountain to check what was up. “We are a tight community, and we try to help everyone” he stated.