Josie Reason was on top of the world when her co-worker Christian asked her to come to his prom. Just like every other teenager she had her plans and dreams about the prom night. She started her preparation the very next day only. The girl bought herself a very pretty dress worth $400. Finally, the day arrived and the girl drove off to the venue with her friend Christian. Rebecca, Josie’s mom was very happy for her child and could not wait for her daughter to come back and tell her the stories. However, all her hopes and excitement came crashing down when she received a phone call just after some time her daughter bid adieu to her.

Knock! Knock!

Well, the story begins with a knock. Josie was relaxing at her home after a long day of work when she heard a knock. Initially, she ignored it but the thumping did not stop so she went to the door to open it up. She wondered who could be at the door as she was not expecting anyone. 

Josie Reason

Josie Reason, a 16-year-old teen was studying in high school at the time of the incident. The bespectacled girl belonged to Louisiana and was very close to her mother. The girl was also working along with studying. It is at work she met Christian who became a very good friend of hers.

Who Is That?

She opened the door only to see a pizza delivery guy standing before her. The boy had a box of pizza in her hand. She looked at him in confusion. Had she ordered a pizza? No, she had not. Perhaps, the guy had the wrong address. 

Pizza Here

The boy extends his hands to give her the box of pizza. However, the girl refuses to take it as she had not ordered any pizza. Despite his refusal, the delivery boy insists she keeps it. He asserts that the pizza was ordered by her only. Maybe someone was pulling a prank on her.  

A Mistake?

She told the guy a number of times that she had not ordered for any pizza but still he did not budge. He kept on saying that he was instructed to deliver a pizza to this particular address. Well, that was uncanny. Eventually, she takes the pizza from the guy. After all who will let the pizza go especially if that is for free.

From Who?

Why someone would order a free dinner for her? Was it her mother? She obviously loved pizza and only her near and dear ones knew about it. Well, she took it in and opened the pack only to find something more than just a pizza. It did not take her long to understand that this was all planned.