Couldn’t Avoid

But as the log moved closer, he began to sense something off about it. The brown-colored log was floating towards him. Once again he directed is attention to his fishing rod. The man had not caught a single fish as of yet. He wondered what could be the reason and it was then his attention got diverted to the log again. 


Well, the log was sticking out like a sore thumb in the lake. It was the only thing floating on transparent, clean, and blue water. For obvious reasons, the log was attracting his attention. He took out his phone from the pocket and clicked a picture of the log. It looked beautiful amid the blue water.  

Not A Log?

And when the log reached close enough to be identified, the man felt his heart in his mouth. It was NOT a log. The man kept staring at the object in disbelief. He felt as if his hands had gone numb. Scaringly, the man was all alone on the spot. There was not a single soul around.     

Reaching Him

The suspicious object made its way to his boat. Brad did not realize when the rod slipped out of his hand. However, he managed to get his hand back on it. He was trying to figure out a way to tackle the situation but he clearly had run out of ideas.

Nobody Would Believe It

Brad had to take pictures of the object because he knew no one would believe him if he would tell the story without any evidence to his friends. He hastily began clicking pictures of the object. His heart was still racing as his doubts were still not confirmed.     

Is It A Beaver?

The man recalled, “I saw it coming towards me; I thought it was just a beaver or something like that.” His second guess was wrong too. The man was laying his eyes on something unbelievable.