A Wild Animal

Brad further said, “It got closer, and I looked at it and thought, ‘Holy crap!’” He was right, there was actually wild animal floating in the water. All his confusions dispelled when the animal stretched his head up. A current coursed through Brad’s body. 

A Brown Bear!

The creature was only a couple of meters afar when he realized that it was a bear cub. The bear looked extremely tired. It was too young to swim in the water. Despite its age, the cub had managed to survive until now. Furthermore, the cub was unable to hold his head above the water. It was throwing its hands and legs in the water to reach the boat. 

What To Do?

What should one do on encountering such kind of situation? If we listen to wildlife experts whoever gets confronted by wild animals, the person should leave the animal be and step back. Thereafter, they should make a call to experts. However, here the situation was entirely different. 

No Help Around

Firstly, Brad’s phone was running out of the network. Secondly, even a minute delay could have cost cub’s life. The cub had almost drowned. There was no way he was going to leave the cub all alone to fend for itself. He had to think on his feet to rescue the helpless animal.  

Please Don’t Bite!

Brad said that the cub “was going to drown if I didn’t help it.” He soon realized that he had only one option. In order to rescue the cub, he had to take it out with his own hand. Well, it involved a lot of risk for Brad. What if he gets bitten by the cub? But at the same time, there was no other option. 

Nothing To Fear About

So, he decided to keep his fear at bay. The man extended his hands to the water in order to take the cub in. “Just as I was about ready to grab it, I thought to myself, ‘Please don’t bite me’.” Whereas the man wanted to rescue the cub, he did not want to get landed in any trouble.