Not Quiet Day For Fishing

It was an ordinary day for everyone except for Brad Meck. He had no idea that the fishing trip he had undertaken was going to change his life for good. Unaware of that, he packed his stuff and headed for the lake. 

The Backseat

He woke up early that morning to make all the necessary arrangements. He was very excited to start the trip. The man washed his car and placed his bag in the backseat. After putting on his favorite music, the man drove towards the lake. He sensed nothing odd up till now. 

What Is That?

He picked the fishing rod in his hand and settled himself to start the business. The man was expecting a quiet day. He hurled the line into the water and began to wait for it to move. As he was fishing for the first time on that spot, he did not know how many catches would he make. 

Riding The Boat

The other thing he liked about fishing was that he used to get to ride the boat. He loved boating as well. The man chose his favorite boat and drove towards the center of the lake. He was enjoying his time very much. Things were only going to get more complicated. 

Nothing In Hand

After spending a few minutes, he realized that the spot was not for fishing as he got nothing. Nevertheless, he kept on trying to look for the fish. Was he really going to catch anything? Well, contrary to all his assumptions, he actually caught something amazing.

Something In water

While waiting for the fish to get caught, he spotted something bobbing up and down in the water. Initially, he did not give it much thought as he assumed the object to be a log. There were many trees around and maybe this log had fallen off them.