Ask Brad Meck his favorite hobby and he will reply FISHING without wasting a second. He loves it and goes for it whenever he gets the chance. However, with time the burden of work had increased that consumed all of his attention. Despite that, the man managed to sneak out some time for his favorite hobby.

This one of its kind incidents took place during one of his fishing trips. It was one of the weekends of May and he had gone all alone on aa fishing trip to James Creek, Raystown Lake. He was expecting the same old experience but what he actually got was beyond his imagination. The man was in his boat fishing when he saw a log approaching him. Initially, the man did not give it much importance but soon felt his heart skip a beat when he realized that the object floating towards him was not a log.


Brad spends his free time fishing. He started fishing with his father when he was just a child. And now as he was living away from his parents, he would go fishing with his friends. But one day he decided to go fishing all alone. Little did he know, this expedition of his was going to make him famous overnight.  

All Alone

That particular day, he went fishing on his own. It was a rather cold day of May, that day was bright and warm making it perfect for fishing. Brad visited the same old lake and this time found himself a new spot. He liked experimenting and that is why he decided to do fishing on a different spot. 

A Quiet Place

According to Brad, the best thing about the place is that it keeps you away from the noises of the world. This was for the first time he realized how quiet and beautiful this place was. Coming with friends was an altogether different experience than this one. That day, he noticed many new things about the place. 

Busy Day

Brad had been looking for an opportunity to spend some time alone with himself for a long while. Lately, the man had become too busy with his work to have time for anyone. And so when he got some time off, he decided to go on a fishing trip as it was his best stress-buster.

Raystown Lake

Raystown Lake is the largest lake there in Pennsylvania. Despite being a man-made reservoir, it has managed to earn a spot in the visitor’s heart. It is a peaceful place. Interestingly, the lake has a shoreline stretching up to 118-mile and only 4% of it is developed that adds to its beauty. This place provides a perfect opportunity for nature lovers to get lost in nature.

Not An Ordinary Day

As far as Brad was concerned, many more stunning realizations came his way that day. There was no phone signal at that place. As the lake was situated far from the city, it did not have many facilities. He was fine with that as he actually wanted to get disconnected from the world for a few hours.