You may have seen many movies that usually features a secret door which leads to another peculiar world. Be it the Narnia series or any other magical flick, a door always plays an important part. You loved those movies, don’t you? Fictions are the best escape from the reality! Wait, did I just say fiction?  Here is a new update the secret doors are a part of our reality too. It had always been, just that we found it out now. This lady recently discovered a secret door in her ages-old house. When she passed through the door, she saw a  hell of surprises awaiting her.

Fond Memories

Alexandra Poulos from Lansdowne, Pennsylvania is been living in this house since 1974. No need to say that she is deeply attached to her home and knows each and every corner of it. At least, this is what she used to think. She was a grown up now and her abode had gone even older. Surprisingly, none of them ever could smell the secret this house was hiding for years.

Sensing Something Wrong

Whereas the home residents never felt anything extraordinary about the house, the outsiders always sensed something unusual about the place everytime they set their foot into this house. They even used to discuss this with the homeowners but they would laugh it off in return, let alone getting conscious. Well, the weirdness of this house did not end here…..

Recurring Dreams!

For some strange reason, In her childhood, Alexandra used to see the dreams of secret doors or passageway on almost every night. Initially, Alexandra took it merely as a coincident but the persistence of dreams made her consider it more than just a coincidence. 

Talking It Out

Alexandra was still not sure as to why was she getting those recurring dreams and that is why she decided to keep her family and friends in the loop. She would share them with her friends and parents more often. Unfortunately, they too brushed her off and began to worry about her mental health as she was talking about those dreams more than necessary. It was then Alexandra went for another option that was simply unbelievable for girls her age.

Taking Another Step

Having no support from the surrounding, she took to the internet and did an extensive research to find out the meaning of his dreams. No doubt, there were a number of results and meanings but none of them satisfied her. This way her childhood went into doubts, confusion, and curiosity.

Leap Of Time

A Wild ImaginationTime passed by and soon, the kiddo turned into a sensible woman who forgot all about her dreams and any possible meaning they were born. She had moved away from the house and was living her own life in peace. But it seemed the house was not willing to let her go. Soon a heartbreaking incident took place that pulled her back to the house.