Harbinger Of Bad News

A Sick MotherAlexandra’s mother got ill some time after she moved out of the house. Initially, she considered it a non-serious illness as her mother had grown very old but was too strong to fight any illness. She thought it will pass in a matter of days. However, not only the disease persisted, it eventually took her mother’s life. The bad news did not end here, there was something more shocking awaiting Alexandra.

Shocking Event

Unfortunately, her mother died a few days after the illness. Her death was followed by her brother’s death. Yes, the two died shortly after each other. It was not only strange but hurtful too for the family. It took her many days to come to terms with the fact that she had lost her mother and brother for good. They were not going to come back ever. Was there a message left in the incident? Alexandra was soon going to find out!

Deprived Of Happiness

Unfortunate Series Of EventsNow in the family, it was only Alexandra and her father left. After the demise of two key members of the family, the house looked more like a building made of bricks. And sometimes this very house would turn into a window of past memories that she shared with her gone forever dear ones. Not being able to take it more she went back to her place after the funeral. It seemed the house was not willing to let go of her at any cost. Few days after, another weird incident took place that made her come back to her MYSTERIOUS house again!

Too Old

Alexandra’s father was too old to manage the house all by himself. Moreover, the loneliness in the house was getting the best of him. He found it very difficult to get over the death of his wife and son. He needed support and that is why he confided in his daughter and discussed his inability to look after the house all alone.   

Selling Memories

He told his daughter that the house is too big for him to handle and that he was pondering over selling it. Before doing that he wanted to know the opinion of his daughter. Alexandra, on the other hand, got a bit anxious after hearing her father out. She had all her memories etched on the walls of the house. She did not want to let go of the house. She said, “My mom and brother, they were still there to me.”

Not Now

Alexandra knew her father would not be able to shoulder these responsibilities any longer. That is why she asked him to sign the house over to her. The father in return nodded to the proposal. After all the legal procedure, the house was named to Alexandra. That moment is also important in the sense that from there on she started on a journey that led her to something really mysterious lurking inside her antiquated house waiting for her.