JP Morgan has been a prominent presence in the corporate world for more than 200 years. They have been nursing companies to grow and markets to evolve even when the economic growth was stagnant and there was a lack of financial stability. 

In India, JP Morgan Chase & Co opened its first office in 1945 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. JP Morgan Mumbai is one of the largest branches outside of the United States. The branch serves as a regional hub. 

In the initial years of its existence, JP Morgan Mumbai operated in three domains namely, investment banking, financial advisory services, and cross-border capital market activities. Investment banking, to date, is that term JP Morgan has been widely associated with. It is every Investment Banker’s dream to work with the company that defined the face of global finance. Moreover, an entry-level Investment Banker at this company can earn up to 14 LPA. 

Eventually, in the 1990s, the business entered into a joint venture with ICICI. This resulted in JP Morgan Mumbai becoming a primary member of the leading investment banks of India. It started raising huge funds in the domestic market. 

In the 2000s, JP Morgan launched it’s round the clock global service center in Mumbai. They also launched commercial banking in India in the same decade. Since then, the company has raised more than $20 billion for Indian corporations. Furthermore, it continues to be the leading business for financial innovations. 

The company functions in 150 countries all across the globe. Let’s take a look at the domains they operate in:

Investment Banking

Investment Banking is a segment of banking that helps individuals and organizations to raise capital. At the same time, it provides them with financial consultancy services. JP Morgan Mumbai has a wide clientele and works with the public as well as private sector organizations. It provides them with strategic advice for capital raising as well as risk management.

Private Banking

Private Banking refers to a series of banking, investment and other financial services offered by a bank. The banks offer these services to high net-worth individuals. These services may also include retirement planning, taxation solutions, etc. JP Morgan has a collection of 13000 specialists globally dedicated to offering such services to its clients. 

International Banking

International Banking is a facility offered by banks to its foreign clients in terms of foreign exchange solutions, trade, financing, and international cash management. A business can expand internationally due to numerous reasons. It could be to dive into emerging economies, a shift in supply chain or maybe because of acquisition. JP Morgan exhibits expertise in liquidity management, foreign exchange, global trade, optimizing payments, etc. 

Security Services

The security services ecosystem consists of a wide range of services offered to clients that issue, hold and exchange securities. JP Morgan provides investor solutions that help its clients to protect their portfolios, optimize productivity, as well as maximize their opportunities in the global market. The company provides support to its clients across 100 diverse markets. 

Asset Management

In simple words, Asset Management means managing investments on behalf of others. This service is usually provided to entities of high net-worth. The purpose of Asset Management is to increase a client’s portfolio while decreasing risk all at the same time. JP Morgan is a leading Asset Manager for individuals, organizations as well as institutions. 

Merchant Services

Merchant services is a wide category of financial services that are used by businesses. It enables businesses to accept payments from their clients through a safe and encrypted channel when the customers use their credit or debit card to send the payment. The company aims to make Merchant services simple to optimize. And at the same time show growth while protecting the value of payments.