The area for residential and commercial places is narrowing due to rapid urbanization. As a result, people need professional help to make their moderate-sized homes comfortable and beautiful. That is where an interior designer comes into the picture. As the name suggests, interior designers are responsible for designing the insides of houses, buildings, etc.

However, their job doesn’t end there. They don’t just create beautiful things to decorate houses. Interior designers have to find the perfect balance between beauty and convenience. They have to make optimal utilization of the available space and make it functional according to the taste and requirement of the client. 

The popularity of interior designers is not confined to major urban cities only. Smaller cities are coming up with the demand for interior designers as well. As a result, the interior designer jobs in India is one of the highest paying salaries for freshers.

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This growth in demand is mainly because of the change in the lifestyles of people. They want to customize their houses with the help of a professional who can understand their taste and preferences.

Role & Responsibilities

Interior designers have to maintain extensive knowledge about architecture, color schemes, materials for designing, market trends, etc. However, they don’t impose this knowledge on their customers. Instead, they listen to everything they have to say and plan according to their taste. In order to be successful, interior designers need to have satisfied customers because in this profession customers take the lead.

Of course, this in no way means that they don’t have the room to be creative. It just means they need to understand and work according to the customer’s taste and wishes.  For this reason, they need to listen and understand everything their customers demand and expect from them. Moreover, interior designers need to be able to communicate and convince their customers to choose the right options. 

On an everyday basis, interior designers are responsible for a bunch of things, like:

  • Imagine and draft design plans
  • Outline the client’s design objective
  • Determine the cost of completion and the overall budget of the project
  • Create a “mood board” to gain inspiration for the design visions
  • Evaluate materials and products needed for the design plan
  • Set a project completion timeline and ensure it is not exceeded
  • Inspect design after completion ensuring the client’s demand has been met

Interior Designer Salary

With the rapid change in urban lifestyles, the demand for interior designers is only increasing. Interior designers are no longer only responsible for designing houses, but also restaurants, offices, malls, etc. Everyone wants their workspace and living space to be aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, interior designers have gained a lot of popularity.

This is the average interior designer salary in India is around 3 LPA for freshers. However, with relevant experience interior designers can earn up to 6.4 LPA and more. The pay scale highly depends upon the company as well as the job location. And the more experienced a candidate is, the higher they have the potential to earn.