Waiter Suggested

He continued, “Some time later another member of staff said: ‘ooh, someone is drinking a very impressive wine, and at the bar!’ That’s when we realised. They ordered a second bottle and the manager tactfully suggested they order a different one, without letting them know what had happened.”

The Aftermath

But instead of scolding Hawksmoor Manchester’s staff member, the restaurant decided to handle the situation in a different way. You can say in the coolest approach. What do you think they did? Well, the restaurant did something that made it 

The Message

They shared a message on twitter. The message they shared was to everyone involved in the incident. They posted their message on social media. You must be wondering what his message was about. Well, when we read the message we had to double-take as it was totally unexpected.   

Mistake Happens

The content of the message was quite amusing. They hoped in the message that whoever was served with the $5,700 bottle of wine, relished it. Their message was directed to the staff member as well who made the mistake. “Chin up!, the message read, “One-off mistakes happen and we love you anyway.”

It Was A Manager

Who made this big mistake? Well, the person who did this mistake was not any waitress but one of the managers. Will Beckett who is also the restaurant’s co-founder revealed, the manager had handed the expensive bottle of wine to the waitress who asked for the bottle that the customer had ordered. 

Did Accidentally

As it was a peak hour, the manager could not realize she had picked the wrong bottle. On getting the order she rushed into the back and hastily picked the expensive bottle. The woman did not take a second look on the bottle. Never had ever this kind of mistake occurred in the history of the restaurant.