‘They Look Pretty Similar’

Surprisingly, Hawksmoor Manchester did not take the traditional method of firing the staff member but instead defended the employee who made the accident. Hawksmoor Manchester made one more addition to their post by adding the pictures of the wines that the customer had ordered and the one they got. The bottles were placed side by side. 


Hawksmoor added in the post, “THEY LOOK PRETTY SIMILAR OK?!” The post also had a winking emoji. Apparently, the bottles read 2001 on them. Except for the year, they have nothing in common. But this was meant to happen. 

Going Viral

The tweet soon gained popularity among the public. No wonder, the tweet received more than 65,000 likes and got shared for over 10,000 times. The popularity of the tweet did not end here. As they say, one thing leads to another, there was a lot to come along the way for the steak house.     

All Over The World

Soon enough, several news outlets came to know about this story. The incident hit the headlines and the tweet soon turned into a piece of news. The entire London learned about this unique story. What did the staff member who made the blunder thinks about all this? 

Thread Of Appreciation

Several people appreciated the message and called the reaction heartwarming. Not every restaurant has the courage to forgive the employees for their mistake. Consequently, the post was followed by many comments appreciating the Hawksmoor Manchester’s management. 


The hospitality industry is quite defamed when it comes to the treatment meted out to its employees. But this incidence flew in the face of all the previous records. Whereas people appreciated the effort, there as a group of people who said that they were not surprised at all as this is exactly what they expect from Hawksmoor. Their website reads, “We try to do things the right way at Hawksmoor”.