It Can Happen To Anybody


Here is the proof that nobody is safe from dads’ photobombing. In this specific occasion, Taylor Swift was the victim. While the pop singer took a picture with her latest album in a store, her dad decided to pop right behind her. There is nothing too weird about it and I am sure Taylor even enjoyed it, but it is still a photobomb! By the way, how alike are those eyes?!

Another Imitator


Here is another dad trying to fit in, imitating his daughter’s pose. I would have said that he better find something better to do with his time but, after seeing the result, I recommend that he keeps doing what he is doing. What would otherwise be possibly considered an overly sexual picture, turned out to be a very funny one instead. He nailed it.

Unexpected Photobomb


I doubt this dad even knew he was photobombing. While he was just trying to take care of his child, respectfully smelling its butt, he was photographed in the background of these three women’s picture. It must have been hilarious when they showed him how glamorous he looked in it… There is always the possibility it was done on purpose, in which case I commend his sense of humor!

Ready For Prom


It does not matter if it was a planned photograph or not. It is one of the funniest prom photos I have ever seen. There was no way this young couple was leaving without a warning by the very protective dad. He is holding a rifle and does not look friendly at all. Be back before curfew!

Baby Bumps


Here is another man that was not going to be left out! After hearing for years that his belly looked like a baby bump, he decided to finally not only own it but flaunt it. He found his opportunity when two pregnant women were taking the cutest joined baby bump picture. Let’s hope these two had a good sense of humor and got the joke!

Hat Shopping


There are two explanations¬†for this dad’s expression: he either did not like the hat his son chose or was not impressed by his mirror selfie. Either way, his reaction made for a funny photo and surely the highlight of the shopping trip. This dad probably gave his son some precious advice right after this photo was taken.