Flying Chicken


He was not going to let his wife and daughter have a cute picture in which he was not included! That is why he took it to the next level, with this typical and forever funny chicken pose. In the picture he is a flying chicken but I expect he will soon turn into a very wet chicken instead! It only made the picture better and I am sure the cold water felt good on what looks like a very hot day!

Lost The Focus


Even though he got the colors right, this man should have been briefed about what the picture was supposed to look like. The pose was supposed to be cute and unprepared, not loud and crazy! Truth be told, we can’t be sure if the goal was not the photo we are actually seeing. It does look quite artistic.

Every Breath You Take


There is no doubt that it is this man’s child in the picture. This dad is not enjoying all the physical intimacy going on between those two. Here is the perfect example of a protective father. Every breath these kids take, every move they make, he will be watching them! And he has got the muscles if it comes to that… You better behave, kids.

In A Hurry


Even though it looks like we are talking about a tourist, this man must be in a hurry. That is the only explanation I find for someone to photobomb a wedding proposal photograph! When in Disneyland, you need to seize every moment, even if that means to ruin someone’s precious picture. There is still hope that there is another photo of the moment!

Maturity Is The Word


The couple in front looks quite mature, even though they are probably two teenagers. Two men that can easily be their parents, decided it was too soon to be so serious! Photobomb was the only way to save what would otherwise have been a boring photo. The result is a smiley couple and too much skin in the background!

Look How Hairy I Am!


As he walked by the glass door, this dad saw a picture was about to be taken. There was no way he would let the photobombing opportunity pass him by. He did the first thing that came to his mind: showing his armpit hair! No big belly in this one. This is what you can call fast thinking and commitment.