Louise Sutherland was in for a big surprise when her beloved dog Rio gave birth. This was the second time Rio was giving birth. Just like the previous one this one too was expected to be a normal delivery. However, it came with some complications but that did not cause any harm. The real twist came when Louise and her daughter saw the newborns. Whereas all the eight pups looked extremely normal there was one that did not look ordinary at all. They could not figure out what she had given birth to. So they looked up for this on the internet but what they found was breathtaking.

The Beginning

The dog on which this fascinating story is based gave birth to a litter in July 2017. The process of birth-giving was supervised by Scotland’s Louise Sutherland. She had seen many deliveries before but this one was really going to strike her hard. 

Scottish Animal Lovers

A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!

Louise Sutherland belongs to Golspie of Scottish Highlands. It is a small village located on the North Sea coast sheltered by Ben Bhraggie. Around 1,350 people live there. It’s a beautiful village with some really breathtaking sights. However, this time the town was not going to get famous for its amazing sights but for very odd news. 

Dog Person

Undoubtedly, the news of the pregnancy of her pet dog triggered some big changes in her life. It is only because of the affection she held for dogs that the woman had several dogs. Louise who was also a wife and a mother would always find pets around her.  

Friends Forever

The dogs and human have been sharing a good friendship since the beginning of time. We have heard many stories on their friendships and also there are plenty of blockbuster movies and tv shows based on that. Louise and her family loved to have dogs in their house.


A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!You will see plenty of dogs and cats roaming in her house. No need to say that the woman had witnessed all kind of odd and cute behavior of animals. But all those feeling were entirely different from the one she felt when her golden Labrador gave birth to a litter of puppies. This felt different.      


A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!

As mentioned earlier, Louise has a number of dogs staying with her but she liked her golden retriever the most. However, little did they know that her retriever was soon going to give her a surprise of the lifetime. Her retriever was only 3 years old at that time.