Rio was a cool-tempered dog. She was very friendly and love to spend her time in the backyard. The pooch had gone a bit lazy since her pregnancy and preferred spending most of her time resting in her sleeping place.

Not The First Time

A Rare Puppy in a Completely Normal Birth, Only 3 Other Puppies Like It Exist!

This was not the first time, Rio was pregnant. She had given birth to her first litter of puppies a year back. Lousie thought the same was going to happen this time too. There were no complications during the pregnancy either.

Healthy Pups

The retriever had all her puppies healthy earlier. So she assumed that this time also everything will happen smoothly. But was it really going to be that way? Of course not! If everything was going to happen that ordinarily, I would not have been writing this story nor would yo be reading it. Make sense?

No Problems

Her first delivery spanned for five hours. And in the first time, she birthed five puppies. However, they did not keep them with themselves as it would have become impossible to look after all of them and gave them all the care that they needed. So hat were they going to do? 


They decided to sell them off to people who loved petting dogs and would be able to give them all the attention they need. It might sound harsh to some people but that was the only way out as the family lacked enough resources to raise all of them.   

For Their Good

It was not easy for them to send those puppies away. But it was important for those tiny cute creatures to have all the attention and care they required at such a delicate stage of their lives. This time too they were going to do the same thing. However, this time they were going to see a big change.