Family is what makes us what we are. We get our first teacher and first friend in our family. If you have a family, you know that you have someone to fall back on. A happy family is the key to a happy life. The Robles were one happy family. Icela Robles, her husband, and her two kids made the best family. It got even better when they adopted Lola, a golden Labrador. In no time she became everyone’s favorite. However, their perfect life suffered a blow when Lola went missing one day. She had disappeared without a trace leaving so many questions behind. Did someone take her with them or did she just run away? And most importantly where was she? The family was no more a happy family. But the twist was still to come. After a year, Icela received a phone call from a stranger that changed everything.


Nobody likes to say goodbye to their closed ones. What worse is not getting a chance to say goodbye to them. That is what happened to the Robles family. They were deeply in love with their furry and chubby dog. It was an integral part of their family. However, one day it went missing without a trace. The family was devastated when they learned about it.  


Lola is a golden Labrador by breed. She is a playful and friendly dog. It is because of her adorable nature, the dog managed to win everyone’s heart who came across her. Icela and her kids considered her a big part of their family. She was the best friend of both the kids but soon she went missing.

A Family

This heartbreaking incident took place in 2016. The family lives in Texas. They loved dogs and that is why they had adopted a golden Labrador a few years ago and named her Lola. It was a nice addition to their family. The kids had grown very fond of her over time. It won’t be wrong to say that she completed the family.   


However, all their happiness turned into sorrow when the dog disappeared in thin air. It was the summer of 2016. They looked for her everywhere but she was nowhere to be found. Months passed by but her location still remained unknown. Was she gone for good? Now, the family had begun to lose all hopes. 

Icela Robles

Icela Robles is a dog person. She had adopted Lola from a local animal shelter. She believes that dogs bring positivity to the house. They are human’s best friend and also helps in doing away with stress. She can’t think of any drawbacks. Lola was exactly what she wanted. 

A Mother

Icela Robles is a mother of Jeslyn and Joshua Robles. Well, she is also a mother to Lola. She is in her mid-thirties. The woman is known for her warm nature in her neighborhood. Icela had her heart set upon Lola the moment she saw her. This is how Lola entered Robles’ life.