A Terrible Fate

Living with the suspicion and fear for Lola was not easy for the family. Icela did not know where was she and in what condition. They did not adopt another dog as they feared another one would end up in the same way.  

Gone Astray

Icela assumed that as Lola was very playful and friendly by nature, she must have followed someone and got lost or maybe some stranger took her away. They suspected if they were ever going to figure out how and where had she gone. The kids would wait for her every day. 

A Microchip

They had installed a microchip inside her in case she ever goes missing. But unfortunately, that was of no help when she actually got lost. They counted on that when she went missing but unfortunately heard nothing. What concerned them more was the fact that in the past Lola would always find her way back home in case she would go out on the street.

Not Coming Back

They were expecting the same this time too but unfortunately, she did not return. Icela asked her neighbors if they have seen Lola anywhere. Some of their neighbors did tell that they have seen her but every time it was a different dog. Golden Labrador is quite a popular dog and that is what made it difficult to trace her back.    

Missing Pets

If we go by the records based on a survey conducted in 2012, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found that only a very few dogs that were lost managed to reunite with their owners. Over 80% of them had to spend their lives in shelters after being rescued. 

No Hope

The family had given up all hope now. A year had passed by and there was no news of Lola. They moved on and made peace with the fact that they were never going to find Lola. But as they say, life is all about unexpected stuff. Just when the family thought they have lost her, something miraculous happened.