The object remained hidden beneath the inaccessible swamp of Papua New Guinea for decades. It managed to stay obscure for a few years until a bunch of troops noticed it. They even tried to get to the bottom of it but unfortunately failed. However, a few decades later, two friends decided to resolve this long-lingering mystery. They went to the swamp which was not only impenetrable but dangerous too owing to its malaria-carrying mosquitoes and dangerous alligators. It seemed that nature had put them on work of guarding the relic. Will they be able to conquer all these obstacles or they would have to give up in the end just like those troops?

An Unusual Sight

Swamp Ghost

It all started in the year 1972 when the Royal Australian Air Force undertook a routine flight all across a remote area of Papua New Guinea that was a constitution of Australian Commonwealth back then. There was nothing very special about the day. Everything seemed to be at their place. However, not everything that looks normal turn out to be normal. 

Something Mysterious

Well, there was something odd sitting down on earth. The soldiers sitting inside the helicopter spotted something really weird down on land. As they were flying above the wild region of Papua New Guinea they were expecting only the sight of green grasses but much to their surprise there was something else too awaiting them. 

Getting Closer
swamp ghost

Odd things always trigger curiosity in humans. After spotting the area, they directed the chopper towards it. What could a thing be so strange in the middle of these lofty trees and bushes? Was it some obscure creation of nature or did it have another purpose altogether? As they reached closer they realized that it was half drowned beneath the water. 


They were hovering over a partially swamp ground. It is a well-known thing that the swamps of Papua New Guinea are full of life-threatening creatures like Papuan blacksnake and alligators. And due to these aquatic animals marking out that mysterious object was quite a difficult task. Nevertheless, they kept on hovering closer to space. 

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is widely known for its beaches and coral reef. Over the years it has emerged as one of the most preferred tourist destinations. The country that covers many Pacific islands sits in the north of Australia. It is also renowned for harboring earth’s most exotic wilderness. The ecosystem dominating the territory includes rugged mountain chains, savannahs, lush tropical rainforests, and swamps.

War Tourism

World War II indeed had turned it into a tourist attraction. Consequently, many visitors thronged this place after that but nobody could figure out the mystery lying beneath it. No doubt, the region is eye-pleasing thanks to their sandy beaches and culture. However, that is not what attracted people from all around the world. It was its past that interested them the most.