A Building With A Mystery

They did not know that their building that had been standing erect for a long time had a big mystery buried under it. The toilet on the ground floor of the building was not an ordinary one. Little did they know that the room which was the most ignored space of the building would emerge as one of the most talked about topics of the time. Unaware of what was coming their way they kept digging.

No Trace

They had dug the entire bathroom in a matter of hours but still could not find the damaged pipe. The father and his sons had grown concern by now. The bathroom had been giving them trouble for years and now when they were there to fix it there was no trace of the damaged pipe.


Well, the building did not have a good reputation among the neighbors. Some believed that the building had now become a house of strange events as the property had always remained empty for most of the time. When the father and sons were digging the floor they had this notion on their mind. They had never believed it but now as they were not able to find the faulty pipe, they suspected if the tales had any truth hidden.

A Solid Object

They dug it further till their tools hit a solid object. Well, they could not find the pipe but soon got confronted by a part of this building that had been kept in dark for several years. The men were going to unearth that in a short while. They did not know that this casual digging in the bathroom would change their life forever.    

False Floor

Soon the men spotted a false floor buried beneath the ground. Not to mention, the men were startled on discovering the floor inside the ground. They excavated further to figure out what exactly was there and found another floor. It was just the beginning there was more to see.


There was an underground museum beneath the toilet. Apparently, it was vast and very old. To be precise the place was 2000 years old. Not only that, the museum was replete with thousands of years old antiques.