Tracing Back

Interestingly, the museum that they had just discovered predated the birth of Christ. Which means that the mysterious underground was a couple of thousands of years old. No need to say that the unexpected sight took Luciano and his sons by surprise. 


The old man and his sons had gotten very fascinated by the sight. They wanted to see more. It was an unusual moment for all of them. Faggiano stated, “We found underground corridors and other rooms, so we kept digging.”

They Made It A Museum

At first, Luciano could not understand what to do with this discovery but soon he got an idea. The man decided to turn the building into a museum. But before that, they needed to get help from a professional to understand the value of these goods.   

Italy’s History

Italy has always been a country of hidden ancient treasures. There have been many cases in the past in which people accidentally discovered treasures hidden while digging the ground. The country remained in limelight from the time of ancient history to the Roman Empire. 

Ancient Lecce

As far as the city Lecce is concerned, the city has a rich past. The region was named a vital crossroad in the Mediterranean and has beenn reigned by Ottomans, Greeks, Romans and Normans and Lombards too. A local historian explained, “The very first layers of Lecce date to the time of Homer, or at least according to legend.”      


The historian remarked, “Whenever you dig a hole centuries of history come out.” Which seemed to be quite true in this case. The historians clarified that the structure they had just found was originally a tomb of the Messapians. The building was established 2000 years ago.