A Problem

The old man noticed the problem in the toilet when he saw a lot of damp. And that is the very reason why all the tenants left the ground floor of the building. Mr. Faggiano had purchased the property in 1980. However, the problem did not bother him until he decided to turn it into a trattoria. It was then the man took the problem seriously and buckled up to fix the problem.

Empty And All Alone

Interestingly, the ground floor of the building had remained empty for most of the time. People would prefer vacating the space as the toilet had always posed a constant problem for the tenants. No permanent solution was made to the problem and now when the property was going to be a part of Faggiano’s dream he decided to put the problem to the rest.

Kept Digging

There was a leak in the toilet that needed to be fixed as it was gradually destructing the building. After being done with all the other part of the house, the three decided to fix the toilet. But first, they needed to find out the source of the leak. Luciano thought it would only take a week for the toilet to get renovated.    

Broken Pipe

They figured out that it was a broken pipe that was giving all the troubles. However, they were still far from the truth. The three brought in the required tool to fix the pipe. In order to get it back in good form, they had to dig a little further.

Not Interested

When he asked his sons for help but none of them was willing to join him. They all had their own prior commitments to take care of. But the dad managed to lure them into this job. Half-heartedly all of them agreed to help him fix the broken pipe.

Something Suspicious

So Luciano and both his sons continued digging till they spotted something suspicious buried beneath the ground. The ground floor of the building had remained empty for a long time due to the damages in the bathroom. But clearly, the leak in the bathroom was indicating towards some mystery that unfortunately, no one could understand for a while.