What was about to happen, no one could have guessed and therefore the brought this sad little Dobermann home. Catherine named him Khan. Charlotte was 17 months old when Khan came into the Svilicic family and her life. She was old enough to understand attachment and she took an instant liking to Khan and it seemed like, initially, he did too. No one knew what was to happen just in a couple of days.

Out Of ControlDoberman looking over a fence and barking

The Svilicic’s had literally saved Khan’s life. But it did not appear that he realized that. His behavior was out of control for a long time for the family. He did not listen to any member of the family but all thought it was temporary. Everyone thought that Khan would eventually settle down in the family. So everyone was patient with him, understanding that he had already been through a lot. However, this is how their love would pay off, they did not know…

All Was Good, For a While…Cute photo of a doberman cuddling a baby

Khan did settle. Or so it seemed. He played with Charlotte and the garden in the front of the house became their ideal place to be around each other. It was good even for Catherine as it gave her a vantage point to watch the two of them together. She had her fears as to how the two of them would get along and Khan’s previous experience kept him in a perpetual state of vulnerability. Nonetheless, it did not feel like something could seriously go wrong. This is where Catherine miscalculated. 

A Day Like Any Other?

It was Khan’s fourth day in the Svilicic family. He and Charlotte were playing, as usual, not making much noise, both apparently enjoying each other’s company. Catherine kept looking from the kitchen window to check on the pair. Everything seemed fine. Catherine started reprimanding herself for overthinking. Right at that moment, she saw something happen in the garden that shocked her wits out. 

What Just Happened…

This is what Catherine saw which shocked the living daylights out of her. Khan had just picked Charlotte with his mouth and tossed her right across the garden. It seemed like he had a fit or something. Catherine did not even have the time to react, it all happened too quickly. Charlotte flew through the air and was slammed into the ground a few yards away. Everyone was in shock and time seemed to stand still, but Khan was getting hyper by the moment. 

Khan In Wrath

In reality, Catherine was not surprised. All this while they had been expecting some flippant behavior from Khan and here it was. Out in the garden, Khan was acting like he out of his mind and Catherine just could not understand what provoked this reaction from him. She was sure that her baby Charlotte was innocent of any notorious behavior. Whatever the cause was, she needed to act soon because her baby girl was in danger.