To think about your life without the existence of your dad would very clearly be just plain sad. There are so many dad jokes that have come into existence, all thanks to them, where some jokes are actually good and some aren’t quite so. Here is a list of dads giving hilarious notes to their kids. There are a few touchy ones so, get your tissues ready…

A Pet-loving Dad


As human beings, we come in different types. Some despise animals, some like them and some LOVE them. This dad clearly loves his pets so much that he has threatened his family members if they do not attend to them nicely.

What Did He Kick?


This dad has left a note that would leave most people very worried. He did not have the time nor the patience to check what he had kicked under his daughter’s bed, so he just informed her about it.

Laundry Service


Most kids leave their clothes, or rather, their stuff on the floor. They usually never seem to mind if the floor dirties their clothing or not. This dad grew tired and left a note instructing that the laundry goes in the laundry bin, as the name suggests…

The Favorite Child


There is an unwritten rule that parents should never reveal their favorite child because obviously, they are bound to get jealous. This dad did not care for this and told one child. At least he kept it in brackets…

A Sweet Demand Letter


Parents need to teach their kids about responsibility. It is a way for their kids to learn how to take care of themselves and others as well. This dad ordered his daughter in the nicest way possible to do the dishes. Would you fall for this?

Grandma Needs Time Too


Every kid knows how draggy it gets to talk to grandmothers. They keep going on and on about the same topic every other time we meet. Who wants to keep listening to the same old story over and over, right? This dad did not care about all these excuses and ordered his kids, all of them to talk to their grandma quickly.