Classic Dad Joke


There are two very ‘dad’ words and they are Beowulf and Scott Baio. This dad has managed to combine the two of them and make a joke that is the” daddest” joke of them all. Did you at least wince?

The Soup Order


This father wanted to remind his kids to get a garbanzo bean SOUP. He clearly knows himself, that he is very forgetful, so he placed the not on the door for his family members to notice. Clever!

The Art Of Remote Control


A remote control is one of the most dad things to exist. They are the masters of how the most complex remote controls work, and they make sure they flaunt this knowledge of theirs. Check this dad teaching his kids how to properly make use of the remote control.

Make Your Own Day


This dad gave his daughter one of the best advice she could ever receive. He asked her to make a good day, all on her own. We would like to think this girl was very cautious of her surroundings and environment this particular day.

Management Team


This dad referred to him as “The Management”, so we can clearly get a sense that he is one of those overtly confident fathers that think they run everything. He informed his daughter not sleep downstairs so that she escapes from burning to a crisp.

The Nutrition Expert


There is always a concern from dads where they want their kids to eat healthily. They become very adamant that their children should prey on nutritious food. They go to very extreme extent and this dad proves just that.