We Will Always Be Together

dogs-680x453-1.jpgThe picture is nothing less than a masterpiece. No need to say that newborn babies are the best example of cuteness and having a dog in the picture is a cherry on the cake. With their tiny and delicate body, they can attract anyone towards them. Even the dog in the picture could not resist his affection for this newborn baby. Look at the pic, whereas this adorable baby draped in its knitted outfit is dozing off the big sized dog is resting his head on it making it a perfect pose for a perfect picture. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to affect the sleep of tot. The dog might have mistaken the infant for its puppy. Regardless of the reason behind dog’s behavior, the picture is cute enough to secure a spot on our list. We have many more adorable pictures like this that would make you awestruck. One of them is just below this one and trust me you would literally fall for that.

Best Friends

4FTU1QKVCMQ601G0-pad810x410xx444x.jpgHome is where the heart is. There might have been many beds and sofas in the house but for this girl, the best place to sprawl on is in the arms of her BFF. Whether she feels sad, bored or alone she goes to him to share her feelings who listen to her carefully without interrupting her for a second. That is what a true friendship is, isn’t it? The dog o the other hand doesn’t seem to be bothered by laying herself on the dog, in fact, the giant dog is more than happy to have her around and goes further by putting his head on her lap. She even seems to caress him with her hand. Both are very caring for each other. The picture aptly translates the amazing bond between the two. The next picture would make you rethink even if it’s a real one or not. Trust me the next one is absolutely real.   

Let’s Take A Ride

3ABE7B8D00000578-3971110-Who_needs_a_horse_Certainly_not_Theodore_aged_three_who_is_pictu-a-35_1480073408898.jpgThe picture is too good to be real. It looks more like a photo coming out of a fairy tale book in which a little boy is riding a large mythical creature. Much to your surprise, this picture is very real with very real characters. The giant beast in the photo is a Newfoundland Ringo and the boy topping him is a three-year-old toddler. He takes full advantage of his giant best buddy. Get over him whenever gets the chance and after that both go for a ride. The picture is the product of their this habit only. The dog weighs up to 168 pounds and the boy is only 33 pounds. But in friendship nothing matters except the feelings for each other. Despite their drastic differences, they come up as the best example of true friendship.  

Sleeping Time

germanshep-679x453-1 2.jpg“I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you.” Seems this popular dialogue from the movie Lord Of The Rings was meant for this pair only. This giant dog seems to have no problem in letting this cute baby laying on it or perhaps it is too much in sleep to realize that little weight on it. It is generally believed that the German Shepherd is not a good choice when you have a kid in your home. But this photo clearly stands against such perceptions. If we go by the pictures it seems the dog is quite a cozy spot to doze off. The pose makes a perfect picture. The kid might not be realizing all this right now but when he’ll grow up he’ll surely have a hard laugh on watching his wonderful picture with his pet. 

I Am Your Doctor!

litle-kid-big-dog-6.jpgYou too would have played Doctor in your childhood. With who you used to play with? The friends of your age right? But unlike you and me this little girl plays with her family dog. It is more beneficial in the sense that you can hear the real heartbeat of the dog with the dog being patient enough to let you do your business. The expression of the dog is ambiguous as it is difficult to detect as he is playing willingly or just because he had no other options. The girl is acting just like a doctor if you may have noticed the hand of the girl on the back of the dog while checking his heartbeat. Another perk of having a dog as your patient is that they don’t talk that helps to maintain the decorum of the hospital!

Let’s Take A Nap Together

26991681_10215905271967808_8926790329484077352_n.jpgYou can fall in love at any age. This little tot fell in love with his pet in no time. Her love is Sprocket a three-year-old Pit Bull Lab mix. The dog also reciprocates by taking good care of her. He tends to all her needs and is extremely careful with her. Pit Bul is also called “nanny dogs.” Judging by the photo it seems they are rightly say so. Not long before they met and they already have become very good friends with each other. So good that they always stay together. As you can see in the picture, both the friends are taking nap together with her laying her head on him. She also grabs the paw of dog but he doesn’t get offended by it. The dog sometimes fails to realize that as which toys are his and which are hers but despite that he cares for the infant just like the other member of families do. Just like any other best buddies in the world, the BFFs in the next slides share many similarities even the bad habits as well. Find out what habit am I talking about in the next slide.