“The name’s Bond, James Bond”!, We all love it when Bond introduces himself in such a charming way. Especially when the Bond is Pierce Brosnan. Needless to say that the man took the character to the next level with his charm, elegance, and appeal. We all are well acquainted with his blissful present but not all of us know his dark past when he got his personal and professional life both shattered. The famous American actor has gone through a lot before gaining the fame. We have enlisted all the lesser known facts about his life in this article that will make you fall in love with him and if you don’t like him then these facts would surely make his fan. We have also compiled the intriguing life story of current James Bond Daniel Craig. Check the slides and get your source of inspiration from these two breathtaking James Bonds who made the character famous by their amazing portrayal.

Humble Beginnings

Born in 1953, Ireland, Pierce Brosnan belonged to a not so wealthy family. His father was a carpenter who lived with the family for few years and then left them all alone to fend for themselves when Pierce was just an infant.Thereon, his mother started serving as a nurse to feed the family. Pierce spent most of his childhood with his grandparents as his mother had moved to London to get a job. Due to her busy schedule, she used to meet Brosnan once or twice a year. However, after few years  Pierce went to London to stay with his mother and new stepfather. It was there he felt left out for the first time for being an Irish in a British school. He was even nicknamed as “Irish.” He saw his first James Bond movie with his stepfather. 

First Love

Pierce met his first love Cassandra Harris in 1977. What started off as a casual dating, turned into a committed marriage in 1980. Pierce had never thought he would marry her as he never tried to woo her and just wanted to enjoy her beauty. He had no idea that his not so serious relationship would soon become a 17-year-long commitment. After the wedding, Pierce adopted the two children Charlotte and Christopher of his wife from her last relationship. The adoption happened in 1986 when their biological father died. Apart from those two, they had their own son called Sean. But their happy marriage did not have a happy ending. Unfortunately, in 1987, his wife got diagnosed with ovarian cancer that took her life at the age of 43. Though she passed away Pierce kept caring for her children.

The Stepping Stone!

Beginnings of Acting Career

Those who are talented always find their path to success. The former Bond was meant for acting. Pierce stepped into showbiz when he got admitted in the London’s theatre season in 1970. His talent was spotted by playwright Tennessee Williams and he roped him in his play called The Red Devil Battery Sign. Though he was active in the acting career, it was only in the early 80s he entered the film industry by the movie The Long Good Friday that had also starred Helen Mirren. After that, he also acted in a mini-series called The Manions Of America that made him popular among the Americans. The show’s story revolved around an Irish family immigrant staying away from their hometown and taking refuge in the United States in order to protect themselves from famine. 

Ladder Of SuccessGaining Recognition

The Manions Of America surely pushed his popularity to the next level. The show made him the talk of the town. He even won a nomination for the Best Supporting Actor at the 1985 Golden Globe Awards. He got nominated for playing the role of Robert Gould Shaw II in the theatre documentary of Lady Nancy Astor who happens to be the first woman to sit in the British Parliament. The fame he gathered from his professional life, impacted his personal life too. When he was climbing the ladder of popularity day by day he received a telegram from his stepfather that said: “Thank God for you, dear boy.” He still has kept that telegram with him. That moment must have been very emotional for our former rough and tough Bond.

A Breakthrough!

In 1982, Pierce took the decision of following his ambitions and relocated to the Tinseltown to try his luck. There he bagged a role in Remington Steele that earned him lots of fame, in fact, we can say this very role helped him to get the part of Bond in the famous series James Bond. Everyone was in the awe of his ravishing looks and amazing acting skills. Many people named him the perfect choice for the portrayal of the character. The Washington Post once wrote, “could make it as a young Bond.” Before becoming the Bond he made his name with different remarkable movies like Mrs. Doubtfire that with stars like Robin Williams and Sally Field. With his every next work he climbed the ladder of popularity.  

Bond Beginning

His wife always wanted him to play the role of Bond. Cassandra Harris had got a  role to play in one of the series of Bond, For Your Eyes Only along with Roger Moore. From there on she had a dream that his husband would also play the role of Bond. As Pierce’s wife was playing a part in the movie Brosnan used to visit the set and it was then when he met Albert Broccoli the director of the flick. They got off on the right foot and became good friends.  In 1987, he was even offered the part of James Bond but he turned that down in order to continue working with the sitcom Remington Steele. It was shocking for all and nobody could really buy his explanation. After his refusal, Timothy Dalton was given the role and he played the iconic character in two separate movies. Well, the reason behind his denial to the movie surfaced later on. To know the reason you will have to click on next few slides!