Mark Thompson is an ordinary man with an ordinary job. He is a forklift painter who loves his a job. The man has no hobby other than treasure hunting. One day he went on a treasure hunt with his group. The location they chose was the Sherwood forest. This forest is a part of many legendary stories including Robinhood. While hunting for treasure, Mark’s metal detector actually detected something buried beneath the ground. He dug the ground to find out what is it and what he found inside took his breath away. And from there on began an amazing journey.

Robin Hood

Remember Sherwood Forest? You might very well, it is the birthplace of Robin Hood the legendary figure. The man is well renowned for his act of altruism. Interestingly, he used to plunder rich people and would distribute the stolen money among the poor. It is still a matter of confusion if the man was a hero or a villain. He had a strategy of his own. He would target the rich people going through the jungle and would rob them of their riches in the middle of it. Now you must be wondering why am I telling you all this. Well, here is the reason……..


This very story triggered an idea into some treasure hunters. They wondered if the riches were still buried somewhere under the ground of town. Well, this thought marked the beginning of an adventurous journey that ultimately took everyone by surprise. However, with time people began to believe that there was no treasure left in the jungle with legendary value.             

A New Hobby

Mark Thompson is professionally a forklift trucks painter. The man is 36 years old and has no hobby. But in 2015, he developed a deep interest in treasure hunting. So he made it his hobby. After finding his interest, he bought himself a metal detector. And then he began wandering through the jungle in the hope of finding something worthwhile. Little did he know that he would end up find something groundbreaking. And that too in less than half an hour.                

Forest And Mysteries

Forests are known to have concealed many secrets of past and nature. Some are small ones but some are grand enough to change lives. This mystery that Mark was going to stumble upon had the potential of changing many lives. Mark was one of those.

A Life-Changing Hobby

Have you ever heard of a person whose hobby changed his life completely? That is what happened to Mark Thompson. Usually, our hobbies lift us from monotony but here Mark’s hobby lifted him and placed him up on the peak of something unbelievable. Do you want to know what he found? Well, something interesting enough to turn his life upside down.

Set In Jungle

The man set out on a sunny day with his friends for treasure hunting in the jungle. Well, Mark knew it was going to be fun but little did he know that this adventurous trip was going to stay in his memory forever not for something good or bad but for something bizarre. The forklift painter hopped into the car with his group and headed to the Sherwood forest.