Sherwood Forest

Sherwood forest is a royal forest located in Nottinghamshire, England. As mentioned above, the jungle is primarily famous for its link with legendary figure Robinhood. The forest is in existence since the end of ice age. But after this discovery, the jungle was going to be known for a different reason.

Totally Different

Though the sun was blazing high in the sky, the inner environment of the forest was dark and cold. Trees were shadowing ground and random noises of animals signified the living status of the forest. However, the forest was concealing a big part of history amid all these noises and the regular appearance of the jungle. And Mark happens to be one of few luckiest people who is going to have the opportunity to uncover a mystery.

Help In Hand

Mark had brought in his inexpensive metal detector with him on the trip. He bought it a few months ago only and since then had gotten very few chances of using his newly-bought instrument. That is the only reason why he made this plan. Well, he couldn’t have been more right in his life.

Search Begins

The group scattered in search of something interesting. Mark diverted from the group and started brushing the ground with his metal detector. He did not have high hopes though, all he wanted was something interesting and worth mentioning in the group.

Nothing Significant

20 minutes had passed by and he was yet to find anything interesting. The man was far from giving up as the day and his search had just begun and there was a long way to go. He knew that but little did he know his this adventurous journey was going to be cut short for an unbelievable reason.

Finding A Treasure

You may call it beginner’s luck but that was way more than that. Mark is a rational man with basic needs. When his metal detector beeped he assumed the object to be a coin or cap of a soda can. He had no high expectations but the beep had aroused a curiosity in him. So, he decided to dig the spot.