Many young graduates dream of working in the airlines as a flight attendant or better known as an air hostess. The job of an air hostess is very exciting and provides you tons of opportunities. You get to meet new people, travel to different countries and continents, experience different cultures, etc. Apart from these benefits, this job is also very lucrative. Air hostess salary in India is one of the highest-paid salaries. Top airlines like Air India, Indigo, Spice Jet, etc offer highly competitive air hostess salaries in India

However, this job does not constitute only benefits and money. It requires extensive hard work and responsibilities. Air hostesses have to greet every passenger, coordinate with security, serve food and look after the overall welfare of passengers on the flight. This job includes odd and long work hours, as well as working on National holidays. But in terms of salary and remuneration, this profession definitely comes under the highest paying jobs in India. 

Air Hostess Salary In India:

The air hostess salary in India varies in terms of experience and the airline you are working for. International airlines pay more than the average salary of domestic airlines. For international airlines, you can earn an average of 60k-80k per month. The salary of domestic airlines, while slightly less, is still quite lucrative. Let’s take a look at the different pay scale of domestic airlines in India:

  • Indigo- 36k
  • Air India- 45k
  • Spice Jet-45k
  • Vistara- 46k
  • Go Air- 32k

While the actual packages may vary according to location and work experience, this is an average outlook. With relevant work experience, these packages can go up to 65-70k per month. 

Duties Of Air Hostess:

For each flight, an air hostess is assigned with multiple tasks and duties. Here is a brief list compiling some of the things an air hostess is responsible for:

  • Attending a pre-flight briefing
  • Before take-off, checking safety equipment, cleanliness of the aircraft, updating seat pockets with necessary items, checking meals are onboarded
  • Informing passengers about the safety guidelines as well as emergency exit procedure 
  • Making necessary announcements for passengers
  • Ensure passengers are safe and comfortable
  • Serve meals, snacks, and drinks to the passengers
  • Provide medical care in case of emergencies

Skills Required: 

Flight attendants or air hostesses are supposed to have a wide skill set since they work in the Travel and Hospitality industry and deal with passengers. Let’s take a look at the diverse range of skills air hostesses are supposed to have:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Exceptional customer care skills
  • Perceptive and strategic
  • Confident and outspoken
  • Extensive Market Awareness
  • Good with numbers, for cash handling
  • The ability to stay calm in heated situations
  • Healthy color vision and hearing ability
  • General fitness
  • Experience and capability of swimming at least 25m
  • Capacity to work in small spaces

Career Outlook:

Promotions for Air hostesses are based solely on their performance. It does not matter if you’ve been around for years; it is all about how well you perform. Flight attendants get promoted to Cabin Supervisor and then Cabin Manager where they are responsible for the whole cabin crew team. There are many other senior positions which are available for experienced candidates. After years of flying, many flight attendants also opt to work as ground staff at the airport.