Bumper stickers were used for the first time back in the 1930s and 40s for promotional and advertisement purposes by different companies. Soon, people realized they could be used for other purposes too. And today, bumper stickers are available in all kinds; commercial, religious, and of course comical.

Here is a collection of the wittiest and funniest bumper stickers out there, available for your entertainment in case you get stuck in a traffic jam or just happen to be passing by.

Grumpy Cat

Texting while driving; we all have either seen someone doing it or are guilty ourselves. Even if we are willing to hide our mistakes, let’s be real it is quite annoying seeing someone using their phone when they are driving. This sticker is capable of perfectly catching attention, especially when you cut in front of them because of their awful driving. And this sticker gets the award for expressing all of our opinions accurately!


This right here is some genius comedy! The wrestler stickers take perfect advantage of the wiper on the windshield of the car. The guy is ready for the best elbow slam every time it rains a little. Can’t help but feel bad for the green wrestler who can do nothing but wait for it, or maybe pray for a clear sky.

Buckle Up

Now, this is the best kind of comical bumper sticker. Witty, funny and spreading the correct message at the same time. And whether or not you believe in alien life, this is still a message you can get behind. Or maybe just laugh while you’re grumpy and stuck in the worst traffic jam!

Not An Artist

Some bumper stickers serve funny with a hint of painful truth on the side. Everyone can’t be an artist right? Or at least they should judge themselves on different parameters other than “no one understands me”. Maybe someone just needed to read this to get this thought process started. So in reality, this sticker is quite thoughtful despite being a little painful to read.

Umm 911?

Okay, so this one has a bit of, what we call, dark humor. And that is the best kind if you have the sense of taking it as a joke of course! This one in particular triggers a lot of questions for sure. But the question remains if he was ever pulled over by the cops for this and strip-searched or not!

Why So Serious?

This one is sending out major Joker vibes for sure. “I don’t suffer from Insanity…I enjoy every minute of it!” Okay, sir, we appreciate your sense of humor! This is one of those stickers, which when you pass by and happen to read, it is bound to put a smile on your face.