Speaking of Joker, we can’t forget Batman. This bumper sticker might offend all the Batman fans out there. From a batmobile to an Aveo? Did recession hit Batman too? Or maybe this vehicle is registered with Uber. After all, even superheroes need to make a living. And let’s be honest, it might be fun to have Batman drop you off at work.

Who Runs The World?

No denying this one! Witty and honest at the same time, this sticker belongs to the #truth category. This woman wins at life for sure because every man following her car will either chuckle or roll their eyes. In either case, they have read the facts and her job is done.


And the most creative bumper sign award goes to this gentleman right here. For those looking for context, this sign says Coexist, which was originally a take on different religions existing together at the same time with peace. What an interesting twist, right? Bringing together the Marvel and DC superheroes together with one sign.

Hungry, Anyone?

Morbid yet hilarious. This bumper sticker gives you quite a visual, doesn’t it? Don’t know about ketchup though, because that is more of a personal preference but yeah if dragons could utilize their firey breath for a barbeque I’m sure it will be a crunchy meal. So if you don’t want to end up being someone’s dinner, better keep your distance from this vehicle.

Position Open

The classic stick figure bumper sticker. Now this one, in particular, is quite an advertisement. It sends out a positive message too, the guy is not bitter about the divorce and probably good with kids since they are still in the picture. But at the same time, he probably removed the original female stick figure from the car… so yeah maybe he is a little bitter. Either way, message received!

Said Nobody

Talk about being self-deprecating. Nobody compliments a Prius. For a guy who owns a Prius to put it on his Prius! But aren’t those people blessed who can laugh at themselves? This one is bound to earn a chuckle from the passersby for sure.