Being a human, it’s our birthright to make mistakes and move on. But there are some mistakes, that were caught live TV and we just can’t move on because they are that hilarious. Here are some news anchors and reporters that did more than their jobs. These images and gifs were hidden but we found them and here they are in front you to enjoy, have a good laugh if you are having a bad day. A friendly warning for all of you guys there, next time you go out, try to act normal because you never know who records or clicks you while you are doing some random hit (read it with S). Don’t forget to check out number 21, for sure it will tickle your funny bone.

Surprise Guest

Can you guess what was he even trying to do? Some people just want to be the center of attention and this guy here is a live example of that. This reporter Wandy Burch was telling her viewers about the LA’s plan to host the 2024 Olympics when this guy (god knows what was he thinking) made his grand entry to tell the world that even he exists. What this guy did was wrong but Wandy’s reaction is priceless. So, next time you decide to something like this, please don’t. It’s not polite to disturb a person who is trying to the job.

Hold It!

This Dutch reporter was told that she’ll be interviewing the mayor. She wanted to make this moment she’ll never forget and that’s what happened but with a little twist! The reporter and the mayor were discussing the upcoming Eater Festival when she thought of holding a rope and you can see what happened next. But just check out this genius mayor who attempted to pull her out by using his mayoral chain. Like what?

Leave It Then

This news anchor thought the news he was reading was embarrassing. No, dude, it was you who embarrassed himself. Can you see the perfection? Like who needs a pen holder when your hair is doing the job. We can tell where his future lies. He can definitely be a star of a circus. That was just a pen guy, I can do even better. Yeah, sure, we saw your video.

Here, Put This On

If you are thinking that what’s happening in this clip is while they were on a commercial break then my friend you are very wrong. KTLA weather forecast Liberte Chan was doing her job by telling people about the possible temperature the city was going to face that day and her producer called her out while she was recording the show. He asked her to wear a sweater on a live tv and when she asked the reason for the same, the producer said the channel had been “getting a lot of emails.” The people said that she looked like she just arrived from some night party. Seriously people?

Bugging Out

What a cool DJ, right? Wrong. She is no DJ but a reporter from KSNT Katya Leick. She was covering a story from the top of the tank when huge cicadas joined the party and started grooving around her. Just see them move. She tried recording the segment several times and almost gave up saying, “Ok, nope, not doing it.” You know what if look the clip again for two-three times doesn’t it looks like that she is trying to do some Kung-Fu hit (starts with an S).

The Uninvited Guests

We think it’s not embarrassing but kinda cute. It happened during a debate where a Robert Kelly was called in as a guest and was live through a video call discussing the impeachment process of South Korean President Park Geun-Hye and there they were two kids who only wanted to have some attention from their father but the most amazing part is how Kelly’s wife came running to save his husband from further embarrassment. The incident became viral and was seen by millions all over the world. Believe it or not, Kelly’s kids turned him into a star.