Some days we are sad and some days we are happy, and our behavior has a lot do with what kind of mood we are in. Right! Things around us affect us but can something hurt so deeply that there’s a total switch in one’s personality? This boy named Liam was up to some great things when he started his seventh grade school year but till the end of the first semester, he had started to show some serious signs of warning that grew his mother’s worry. What turned out to be true will make you ask yourself some serious questions.

Being A Parent

Being a parent gives one with a special instinct and a mere look is enough to tell if something isn’t right with your young one. No matter how hard a child tries to keep a secret or to simply hide away things from their parent, they would ultimately fail in their effort to get away unnoticed. Have you ever tried to hide your poor grades or a mischievous act when you were a kid? Did you succeed at it?

Mother Knows Best

The case with a 7th grader Liam was a bit different despite the similarities his recent behavior had exhibited in context to what we just discussed. Yes, he was hiding something from his parents and it wasn’t just poor grades or a mischievous act that he had pulled, nor was he expelled from his school. It was something of far greater magnitude and who else is better than a mother at observing the slightest change in a child’s demeanor. Deirdre Fell-O’Brien had a gut feeling that something had gone wrong with his son lately as the boy started to behave like a totally different individual in 2017 and Liam wasn’t being himself. What could have possibly pushed the boy towards an immediate behavior switch?

The Revelation

Deidre was a housewife and she would spend most of her time doing household activities and taking care of her children. Like any other mother, Deidre loved her children more than anything else in this world and she would get upset if anything bothered her kids. She had to reach out to her son Liam and find out what exactly was the reason for the boy’s misery and when she tried getting to the bottom of things, her son disclosed something that broke her heart into pieces.

Proud Parents

Deirdre was married to Keith and the two were proud parents to 5 children named Darby, Liam, Jacinta, Jonjo and Muireann. The family lived in Garden City, New York and all of them were closely packed. They were all living a happy life and Liam was having the time of his life when he started his seventh grade at Garden City Middle School and developed a love for sports.

Soccer Enthusiast

Liam was a big soccer fan and he loved playing the sport as well. It will be right to say that the boy was a soccer fanatic as he followed all the fixtures of his favorite club. He was a Barcelona fan and he even had his room decorated with soccer collectibles. Moreover, he wasn’t just a fanboy and he dreamed of being a professional footballer, he excelled in the sport and earned himself a place in the school team. The boy’s future certainly looked promising.


Soccer was Liam’s first love and as much as he liked watching and playing the sport, he was also as competitive when it got down to making it count. One could look at his skills and tell that the boy was really hardworking and passionate about it. He would start early and he was often seen brushing up his dribbling skills on the field during training.