Heart-Wrecking Moment

Down The Memory Lane

Judy recounts that horrible moment and speaks about the dog  “on all fours, just sitting on [Jim’s] chest.”  The puppy was looking and whining for Jim. That must have been a shocking sight to behold for her.

The Deathbed

The sight jolted her out of her perplexity and she figured out that her husband is in danger. In fact,  she immediately realized that she needs medical assistance for his husband without a delay. Consequently, Jim was taken to hospital in time.

Deadly Disease

Later it was found out that Jim had a stroke. It occurs when the blood supply to a section of the brain is stopped, depriving the tissue of oxygen and important nutrients that are usually transported there via the blood, making stroke second largest cause of death globally.

In Time

Luckily Jim and Judy got through it without a harm. All credit goes to the doctor and Thibodeaux. The day would have been different for the couple had their pet not acted in time.  The dog was only seven months old when the incident happened. 

They Call It Rare

Jim’s doctors revealed that it is difficult to save stroke victims and very fortunate few of them recovers from this. The prime reason behind doctor’s failure to save the victims is the delay in bringing the patient to the medical assistance. But that wasn’t the case with Jim. He was taken to the hospital early enough to meet such fate.