Do you remember Hachiko ? The Japanese dog who waited for his dead owner for about 9 years. His utmost loyalty towards his master was very much surprising. We usually don’t expect such intense sentiments from animals. But apparently, dogs are different. And if you still have apprehensions regarding that then check out this unbelievable story about a dog who traversed all the possible limits to save the life of her owner. She’ll remind you of Hachiko for sure.

Story of Disbelief

Jim Cooper an old man living in Sandy, Utah has an interesting story about himself and his pet to pass on to his forthcoming generations. This happened in 2017 when 82-year-old Cooper got a serious ailment that would have proven life-risking.

A Dog Named Thibodeaux

The First Impression

Initially, this dog failed to impress Jim. He was reluctant to keep the animal at home and even pondered over sending her back from where they had brought her within a week.  But Jim decided to give it one more chance and with his wife started to give crate-training to their pet. Perhaps the best decision he made ever.

She Had Found Out Something

Darkest Hour