After the first crash in the North Tower, Tania started running downwards since she was on the 96th floor of South Tower in the office of Fiduciary Trust Company. But she had only reached 18 floors below when the second crash took place. 


Tania did succeed in coming out safe from the building, and she seemed to be exceptionally lucky to have been one of the very few people to have come out alive from the 77th floor and above. 


When the second plane crashed, the havoc increased and it was madness all around because of which Tania fainted midway. She claims that she was awoken by a young man named Welles Crowther who was also working in the South Tower that day. 

Welles Crowther

Welles was the one to have saved the lives of 18 people. He is known as a hero ever since. Welles was a volunteer firefighter and equities trader. Tania tells that he even put out the flames that her clothes had caught. 


Tania came out of the building facing a lot of difficulties. She had only one thing on mind that gave her the strength to continue struggling, and that was her wedding dress. Her fiance, Big Dave was also present in the tower at the same time and the two were soon going to tie the knot. 


But unluckily, as Tania tells in her story, neither her fiance nor Welles Crowther could make it. Crowther died while rescuing more people and her fiance also lost his life while attempting to come out of the North Tower.