Life is always so unpredictable. You will never know what the next moment has in store for you. You can be extremely happy one minute, and outrageously mad the other moment.

Someone can be leading an absolutely wonderful life one moment, and suddenly go missing the next moment, away from their family, their relatives, everyone. No matter how hard you try, you will never know where, why and how they vanished…until almost half a century passes by.

And things take an absolutely unthinkable turn when you find out the truth behind the mystery of such lives.

Florence Stevens

Florence Flora Stevens, born in 1939, had been living a happy life in Sullivan, or so it seemed. Nothing unusual had happened in her life until the year 1975, which changed everything for her and for everyone around her. 


Florence and her husband Robert Stevens had been married for ten years when in 1975 the biggest tragedy of their life hit them. Florence was 36 years old and life seemed to be running pretty smoothly until one ominous day.. 


On the 3rd August of 1975, Florence complained of feeling sick. Her husband took her to the hospital to get a checkup done. He dropped Florence at the hospital and told her he would come back in an hour or so. 

Nothing Unusual

Florence had told that she might have caught a little cold and so she had taken an appointment to get it checked. Her husband dropped her and went to complete some unfinished errands. But when he came back to pick her up from the hospital, he was perplexed. 


When Robert reached the hospital, his wife was not there. They had both decided that he would come to pick her up in an hour so where could she possibly go? He started to grow wary and asked the reception of the hospital about Florence. 


The receptionist told Robert that Florence never even came inside the hospital. She was nowhere in sight. He waited for her for very long, hours after hours passed but Florence was nowhere to be seen.