Full Of Life

Florence had been a very happy person, who was always full of life. She loved everyone around her and was always smiling no matter what the situations were. Where had she gone suddenly? And why would she do that? 


Florence had been living a good life, one which anyone would be satisfied with. During the summer of 1975, she worked as a seasonal worker at The Concord in Catskills, sometimes as a waitress and sometimes as a chambermaid. 

Lavish Place

Florence had a deep connection with The Concord, where she worked not just in 1975 but also in 1974 and 1973. The place had a lavish 1200 room set and was very famous among the travelers of the time. Was her case that of a missing related to the Concord?


When Robert failed in finding Florence despite trying his best, he informed and hired a team of detectives to find his lost wife. He was not even sure if she was okay or if something bad had happened to her. 

Left Alone

Years passed but there was no clue about Florence’s case, which was now known as the ‘Sullivan County case’. After a decade of the incident, even Robert passed away and there was no one to ask about Florence now since the two had no family or relatives except for themselves. 

Given Up

The team of officials gave up on Florence’s case. There was no clue that could at least give a vague idea about where could she be. Little did they know that this mystery would be solved only after half a decade.