An old lady stepped into a Chinese supermarket to buy stuff. She was completely unaware of the fact that the memory of this normal looking shopping was going to stick with her all her life unfortunately for a scary reason. As usual, she picked up the trolley and started putting stuff in it. Everything was going fine until she headed towards a less-visited aisle. While she was strolling down at the aisle, a box fell down behind her. She ran back to pick it up. Well, that was the biggest mistake she made in her entire life. She shouldn’t have picked up that box. The woman got her life turned upside down only by picking an ordinary-looking box. This extraordinary incident took place in China.    

The Beginning

The old lady loved shopping. It was her favorite pastime. For the past few years, she had been shopping from this Chinese supermarket only. The rates are quite cheap there. Furthermore, the store was not very far from her home. So, it was convenient for her to visit the store every now and then. However, this particular visit was anything but ordinary. 


The middle-aged lady was acquainted with every nook and cranny of the supermarket. She had also prepared a list of required goods. After being done with her household chores, she headed to the store. She thought it was only going to take about half an hour as usual but she couldn’t be more wrong. 

She Stepped Inside

The supermarket was open. She stepped inside the megastore with her list of required stuff. Unlike evenings, the supermarket was not crowded much. That is the very reason why she liked visiting the market at the point of time. She roamed shelf to shelf to collect the goods she needed. 


The best part about this supermarket was that she knew each and every staff there. The staff was always ready to help if any time she would not be able to find goods she looked for. Not only that but they would also carry the bags for her if that would get very heavy. 

Why The Supermarket?

The supermarket had all variety of stuff in it. Along with that, the building had CCTVs installed in each corner of it. And the unbelievable video we are going to show you were taken from the recordings of one of those CCTVs. The old woman had no idea she was going to be a talking point only for visiting an ordinary Chinese supermarket.


There were only a few people roaming in the supermarket. She got herself a trolly and began picking goods one by one.  As the crowd was quite less, the shopping was going to take her even less than half an hour. As she was familiar with every nook and cranny of this supermarket she did not have to struggle much to find the items.