Standing In A Corner

Initially, the man showed reluctance and gave a very valid reason for his inability. “He told my mom he was in no mental state to travel with a minor because he had just lost his grandmother,” said Hughes. The man was flying to the United States only to be a part of his grandmother’s funeral. 


However, the man ultimately agreed to be Hughes’ guardian when he learned about her serious condition. So this is how Hughes’ mother saw her flying away with a stranger in an international flight. Her mom did not leave the airport until the plane of her daughter did not take off. The woman did not know that the decision she had taken was right or wrong. She did not know when was she going to see her again.      

Coming Up

Sesay said, “All of a sudden, the adrenaline kind of went away, and I realized, ‘Oh, my God, I just handed my only child at the time to a complete stranger.’’ What if that stranger was not a reliable person. He had mentioned that he was not able to fly with kids. Was her daughter in safe hands?  

Complete Stranger

The flight had taken off. The five-year-old girl had started her journey with a complete stranger. They crossed many layovers holding hand in hand. In the beginning, it was a bit difficult for him to deal with the small girl as he had no experience. However, the flight attendants extended their hand of help on seeing him struggling with the kid. Not only that, they even served first-class meals. Which is way more than they can expect.   

Calming Her Down

Even though the girl was quite young, she remembered everything. She recalled going through “a lot of chaos that day.” The stranger dealt with her as calmly and politely as possible. She said, “I just remember crying a lot on the plane.” She further said, “I remember him trying to calm me down. That’s all I remember, really, just him trying to calm me down on the plane.”

Fade Away

Her mother indeed had made the right decision. Hughes’ was very small but there were some pieces of this incident that refused to fade away from her mind. She vividly remembers how he did his best to calm her down. He even went on singing songs in Krio to “screaming, crying five-year-old,” in an attempt to quiet her down. The girl has lots of respect for her and makes it clear by asserting “He was really nice.”