The Outrage

Just like Felix had hoped, pretty soon other users began to take notice of the post. His post did not remain within his circle. Within hours, hundreds of users had shared that post on their feeds. People were outraged by what happened to Lindsey and were talking about it everywhere on social media.

News Channels

With the outrage on social media, Lindsey’s story managed to catch the attention of the news networks as well. Fox-13, a local news network, covered her story and uploaded a video that ended up getting more than 2000 views. It wasn’t just the news channels, her story was covered by parenting websites as well. 

A Viral Sensation

Lindsey’s story became a viral sensation within days. Felix’s post received over 650 shares, more than 200 reactions and close to 200 comments, most of them were from strangers. Those who were a part of the discussion about the photo were equally outraged by the actions of the diner. They believed their practice was exclusively illegal. The diner had to face a tremendous deal of repercussions because of their actions towards Lindsey.

The Response

With the growing backlash towards Reececliff Family Diner on different forms of media, the diner could not ignore it any further and finally sent a response. They posted an explanation on the official facebook page of the diner, with the hope that it would clear their name. Unfortunately, they made another critical mistake. To prove that Lindsey was unqualified for the job, they posted her resume which contained all her details, on facebook.

The Failed Attempt

The response that the diner posted was a failed attempt at fixing things. Instead of helping their case, it made everyone even angrier. This was a serious violation of Lindsey’s privacy. For the followers of the diner’s Facebook page, this post was an obvious failure. Many of the users who might have been inclined towards the diner, were now totally against them. 

Need For Legal Action

Instead of gaining support from people, the diner ended up digging a hole for itself. People began to suggest Lindsey should take legal action because she had a strong case against Reececliff Family Diner on the grounds of discrimination and invasion of privacy. By posting her resume online, they had shared her personal information, like her address, the school she went to, the places she worked at, etc